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topaz memento mori bone engagement ring
White Topaz Bone Ring
topaz engagement ring
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White Topaz Bone Ring

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Hand fabricated from sterling silver or gold wire and natural genuine white topaz from start to finish. The bone pattern is plotted and hand-carved into the metal. Each ring is unique.

Inspired by the tradition of "memento mori" keepsakes, trinkets referencing "memento mori", which means "remember that you will die" in Latin, can serve as a reminder that our individual lives are finite, and therefore we should prioritize what we love and be true to our moral compasses .

The ring houses an emerald-cut white topaz, which is 8mm by 6mm. Topaz is a durable stone, suitable for engagement rings or other jewelry seeing frequent wear. It has a Mohs hardness of 8. White topaz makes a great diamond substitute for those wanting something more affordable or simply something more off the beaten bridal path.

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