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Phetteplace Studio is a one woman design house and jewelry studio producing thoughtful, heirloom quality objects of precious metal and gemstone. Located in NYC, each piece is imagined, fabricated, set and finished by the owner, Sarah Phetteplace.

Sarah is a bench jeweler and jewelry designer, formally trained in classical goldsmithing technique and theory at the North Bennet Street School's Jewelry Making and Repair Program. 

Sarah was raised in New England, wedged happily between New Hampshire's modest coastline and the lofty peaks of the White Mountain wilderness. This, as well as her studies in creative writing, philosophy, and photography have instilled a curiosity and awe for the geometry of nature that steer her creative work in stone and metal. 

Sarah infuses pieces with elements of architecture, science, and material. Her work explores properties of light and kinesis, as well as showcasing the distilled phenomenon of natural gems. Currently she does studio fabrication work for another fine jewelry atelier as well as focusing on her own designs. She is an avid hiker, rockhound and gemology nut, amateur photographer, and doting cat owner.