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pools of light post earrings
steampunk art deco pools of light earrings
futuristic pools of light earrings
pools of light earrings

Caged Sphere Post Earrings - 18k

Regular price $400.00

18k yellow gold pools of light earrings made with undrilled rock crystal quartz spheres, set in a handmade pronged cup setting.

Hand fabricated from wire and sheet, start to finish, in the style of the pools of light jewelry of the Victorian Era. It was believed that the undrilled quartz spheres held tiny spirits, which were responsible for the dancing light play inside the lucid stones.

Each earring holds a 7mm genuine and natural clear quartz sphere. A cup setting is custom fit it to the stone, the interior at a high polish to ensure that the sphere will glow. This glow will increase in certainly lighting conditions to a bright white flash, which is difficult to capture with a photograph. Four prongs hold the orb securely in place.

The frame around each stone is brought to a matte satin finish and then selectively burnished to create a concentric ring of flash to complement the soft glow of the quartz.

2-3 weeks production time.