Pools of Light Moving Necklace
Kinetic Planetary Gold Pendant
Caged 18k Armillary Necklace
Caged 18k Armillary Necklace
Kinetic Pools of Light Necklace
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Caged 18k Armillary Necklace

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Hand-fabricated, start to finish, from 18k gold wire. Three concentric circles rotate around and within each other on two different axes. The inner most circle holds a 7mm natural, undrilled quartz sphere in four dual-sided prongs. The frame has been brought to a high shine.

In the Victorian Era, it was believed that the light play of the undrilled rock crystal sphere was a tiny spirit trapped inside. Quartz acts as a natural lens, focusing light to create a crisp, inverted image of the scene behind it. It will also project a pin point of dancing white light. I designed and built this pendant with planetary orbital paths, globes and armillaries in mind. I love kinetic jewelry. It is fabulous to fidget with and beautifully complements the movement of light in the quartz sphere.

The pendant measures approximately 20mm (about 0.80 inches) across and can be purchased on a 16" or 18" 18k gold diamond cut cable chain or as a pendant only, to be strung on your own chain. If you'd like a different style or length of chain or an alternate stone, feel free to contact me.