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pools of light quartz sphere earrings
quartz dangles
Pools of Light earrings
Art Deco Pools of Light Earrings
Pools of Light earrings

Caged Sphere Dangle Earrings

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Fabricated from sterling silver wire, each earring features a natural 7mm quartz sphere clutched in a double-sided four prong setting. Oxidized with hand burnished details or brought to a velvet matte luster. They hang 1".

In the Victorian Era, it was believed that the light play of the undrilled rock crystal sphere was a tiny spirit trapped inside. Quartz acts as a natural lens, focusing light to create a crisp, inverted image of the scene behind it. It will also project a pin point of dancing white light. These effects gives the impression of a glowing orb with a lively, smooth shine.