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Deco Quartz Sphere Earrings

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Each pair of these earrings is handmade from sterling silver materials and set with genuine, natural and watery clear quartz crystal balls. The spheres in these earrings measure 10mm in diameter with the bezel frame bringing the overall width to 13mm, approximately. After setting each stone, I bring the frame to a high glossy shine, and affix them to shepard's hook earwires.

The lore behind the pools of light jewelry went that each glowing crystal ball contained a tiny dancing spirit trapped inside. It was of paramount importance, therefore, that the rock crystal spheres be undrilled. Aside from this bit of Victorian whimsy, quartz is a highly dynamic material - acting as natural lens, marked by piezoelectric qualities, and carrying great prevalence in metaphysical circles.

From a stylist standpoint, these earrings are dainty, elegant and go with anything. Just as easily dress them up in a cocktail or bridal setting as pair them with casual errand or work attire. Matching necklaces and bracelets are also available.

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