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Herkimer diamond studs earrings
quartz crystal post earrings
Herkimer Diamond Post Earrings
kinetic herkimer diamond earrings
Herkimer Diamond Post Earrings

Herkimer Diamond Post Earrings

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Kinetic sterling silver post earrings with spinning Herkimer diamonds (natural quartz crystals).

These Herkimer diamond earrings are entirely hand-fabricated by me, from sterling silver wire. Though each pair will vary slightly, the Herkimer diamonds will be approximately 12mm (about 1/2 an inch, see penny for scale) and have similar clarity and affect as the pictured stones.

"Herkimer diamond" is an alternate name for a double terminated quartz crystal, named for Herkimer, NY, one location where they are found in abundance.

These earrings will ship with a pair of sterling silver earnuts.