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Agate Cocktail Ring
banded agate
banded agate cocktail ring
banded agate cocktail ring

Banded Agate Cocktail Ring - Size 8.5

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Size 8.5.

Beginning with raw sterling silver materials, this ring has been sawed, formed, soldered, set and polished entirely by two skilled hands. The 20 by 40mm banded agate slice weighs in at 15.20 carats. Graphic wisps of golden hued striped sweep crisply across the stone's flat tabled surface, but a closer inspection reveals not only the depth of the colored veins, but an apparition of subtle iridescent texture rolling through the center. These bands have been emphasized with a highly polished silver backplate, while the top and bottom have been left backless. The passage of light creates an iridescent depth and ethereal glow as well as a delineated reflection on the highly polished curved mounting. A little secret just for you, this mirror is visible only when examined from the side.

From the top down, this statement ring is all stone. The profile reveals a wide domed band and arching shoulders that mimic the arched inclusions of the stone. 

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